Geo Physical, Land & Heritage Surveys

The perfect aerial platform for conducting important surveys and sampling - or to access almost any location.

Working closely with your team to access some of the most remote locations in Northern Australia, we'll ensure your exploration, campaign or surveying research is carried out effectively and efficiently. With over 25+ years of combined flying experience in the North West and Kimberley, we have an intimate knowledge of the local geographical landscape and safest ways to conduct low altitude operations. Our extensive list of surveying tasks include heritage and clearance, geo magno/spectro/seismic, geochemical sampling, environmental – flora and fauna, roading and earthworks, weed surveys, property and real estate aerial inspections, animal population surveys, and power line and pipeline surveys.


Aerial Crane & Sling Loads

Load and lift! Our aerial cranes have the capability to lift and deliver heavy and complex loads.  

Need to move a big or small load via a relatively traffic-free route? Our experienced team of helicopter pilots have the knowledge and skills to lift large and complex loads, such as long lines, cargo nets, drum fitters slings and shackles to their required destination and transport them to tricky locations or for whatever reason it may be that you need a helicopter aerial crane. Vehicle parts delivered onsite, or a big new piece of technology to improve remote communications - we've picked them up and carefully delivered it all. We can provide you with access to specialist helicopter courier and freight services to regional, remote and sometimes otherwise inaccessible areas and make the job as simple and efficient as possible.


Fire Management & Control

Comprehensive, immediate and effective fire prevention, control and management services.

Our helicopter services are heavily relied upon by numerous government and private sector clients to help setup fire breaks and conduct controlled fire burning to safeguard the Kimberley and North West. In the event of bushfires and emergency situations we provide aerial support, to help manage the fires, minimise damage and protect ground staff. Our control and prevention management services include fire surveying and mapping, aerial incendiary dropping, drip torch operations, and Bambi bucket fire drops. Our helicopter crew can also perform all leading-edge aerial fire suppression techniques.

Image: Wayne Lawler, Australia Wildlife Conservancy (AWC)



Mining & Exploration

Air support services, surveying, staff transport and more. 

Our expert pilots and state of the art helicopters are regularly used by a number of local mining, engineering and exploration companies to support their operations with reliable airwork services and staff transport. We currently provide mining and exploratory helicopter services to McLarty Hills, Oscar Range, Noonkanbah, Liveringa, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing and locations further afield.

Media, Filming & Photography

Our pilots are highly experienced in the media, filming and photography industries servicing all areas of North West, Australia providing still and in motion film.

The North West region of Australia offers unforgettable landscapes with breathtaking scenery, offering a perfect backdrop for your next photoshoot or film. Our highly skilled pilots have over 26 years of experience assisting photographers and film makers with their multimedia needs. Flying over Australia’s stunning scenery, our pilots will work with you to source incredible images, like no other.

Emergency Services, Search & Rescue

Our helicopters and pilots are trained to assist in emergency services for search and rescue operations.

Our helicopters come fully equipped with first aids kits, fire extinguisher, satellite phones and GPS tracking devices. Servicing areas of the North West, our team has a long history of supporting search and rescue teams during problematic situations and in times of crisis.

Mining, Oil & Gas Support

Supporting mining and oil and gas in the North West and remote locations.

Able to fulfil any airwork requirements for the mining, oil and gas industries, we can transport staff, provide urgent courier services, enable site flights fitted with video and surveying equipment, executive scenic flights and fulfil almost any professional commercial helicopter requirement including servicing remote and hard to access areas.

Power Line Inspections

Covering vast areas quickly, our power line inspections provide you with fast, effective and safer aerial audits.

Removing the ground work, the use of helicopters to conduct power line inspections and similar utility service works is a unique area of skill. Our pilots work closely with specialist utility and infrastructure teams to fit out our helicopters to safely navigate the power lines to conduct inspections, servicing and provide visual imaging or live feeds to areas that need reliable connections to utilities and services.

Charter & Passenger Transport

We can accommodate activities such as scenic flights, heli-fishing, and passenger and transport needs servicing the North West, Australia.

Our fleet of helicopters service the areas of Darwin, Kununurra, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Derby, Broome, Mornington Wilderness Camp, Charnley River, Mt Hart and many communities including Wangakatjunka, Noonkanbah, Kadjina, Djugurari, Yakanarra  Imintje and Cone Bay. We can accommodate activities such as scenic tours, heli-fishing, passenger transfers and short notice helicopter services.

Bespoke Heli Fishing & Kimberley Tours

Luxury tours and a next level Kimberley experience.

Take a step back and enjoy a private and fully customised helicopter experience in some of the most remote parts of the Kimberley. Tailor made to suit each clients needs, your exclusive tour guides will take you on a truly unique journey and provide you with all their local knowledge of flora, fauna and history of the area. You will have exclusive access to private fishing locations with the opportunity to take home a catch of threadfin salmon, mangrove jack, trevally or barramundi, see waterfalls, swimming holes and other hidden Kimberley attractions. It's the ultimate glamping experience and an unforgettable day - or overnight stay. Contact Bobby Henggeler for more information 0404 555 396.