Aerial Agriculture

Spraying, seeding, chemical fertilising and more from the air... we've done it all.

Experts in delivering quality aerial agriculture services our helicopters and dedicated team are regularly in the air working with farms and station owners to provide them with one of the most efficient ways to complete spraying, seeding, mulching and much more over vast areas.


Incendiary Dropping

Proactive fire control from the air reduces risk and improves safety.

Fire management control and incendiary dropping ahead of the bush fire season is imperative. Every year our helicopters and skilled pilots are used by local and state fire services, and private property owners, to help set up fire breaks and conduct approved controlled burnings to help reduce and manage out of control fires and other similar emergency situations. Our experienced crew of helicopter pilots are the Northern Australian aerial experts when it comes to navigating smoke, tricky terrain and remote areas to carefully and safely complete incendiary drops whilst keeping a sharp eye from the sky, on whats happening below.

Image: Wayne Lawler, Australia Wildlife Conservancy (AWC)

Flood Relief & Support

We provide 24/7 flood relief and emergency support to Australia's North West.

Working closely with local authorities we provide rapid relief and support to emergency and disaster victims and their stock. We provide food drops, mail and storage supplies, emergency medical supply and fodder drops, evacuations and can even move livestock. Our experienced pilots are always on hand to help.

Specialist Services

No job too big or small, we're able to provide almost any type of helicopter service across the North West.

If you need a specific service or job completed, please contact us to discuss it in detail and we'll be able to create a custom solution for your requirements.